6 Surprising facts about pregnancy

There are some facts about pregnancy that you probably did not already know. There are dozens of books based on things that you can expect while being pregnant, but even if you were to read all of them there are still facts about pregnancy that you won’t know about until you actually get pregnant. You may experience these as part of a healthy pregnancy. It can be quite beneficial to be extremely prepared for your pregnancy so that you know what to expect both physically and emotionally.

6 Surprising facts about pregnancy

Below is a list of 6 surprising facts about pregnancy.

facts about pregnancy
Facts about pregnancy: Adapted from Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

1. Nesting Instincts

The majority of pregnant women will experience nesting instincts. These urges may make you want to prepare your home for your new baby, whether it be by cleaning all of the rooms in your house or decorating to accommodate your new addition. You may even experience the need to take on tasks that you otherwise would not be interested in, such as organizing your garage.

2. Difficulty Concentrating

Even women who receive the utmost amount of rest during their pregnancy may find it difficult to concentrate on simple daily tasks. With the combination of fatigue and morning sickness, you may not be able to concentrate well. This could be a result of being preoccupied with the baby and your hormonal changes.

3. Different Mood Swings

This fact is quite common amongst every pregnant woman due to the fact that with changing hormones, your moods will change. As an example, you may feel happy one moment and then completely angered the next. Mood swings have the tendency to occur the most frequent during the first trimester.

4. Increase in Breast Size

You will need to buy bras in bigger sizes once you become pregnant and it is usually known as one of the first signs of pregnancy. With your increased levels of hormones such as progesterone and estrogenic, your breasts will become enlarged.

5. Skin Changes

While pregnant, your skin will undergo an ample amount of changes. Since your body will be experiencing an increase in blood flow due to your pregnancy, your skin may stretch, you may experience brown or yellow patches, and you may have a certain “glow” to your skin.

6. Changes in Nails and Hair

There have been many pregnant women who have experienced benefits to their hair and nails while being pregnant. You may experience less hair falling out and your nails may become stronger during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

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