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Bariboost Bariatric Multivitamin

Experience the new and convenient way to get your bariatric vitamins with minerals. Bariboost bariatric multivitamin capsules is a uniquely designed formula that contains 22 pure, clean and high-impact vitamins and minerals.

Two capsules per day vegan bariatric multivitamin capsule with 50mg iron.

Bariboost bariatric multivitamins contains bariatric doses of  iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, thiamine, copper and more. It provides optimum bariatric vitamin and mineral supplementation following Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass surgery. 

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Customer Reviews

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N.B. (South Shields, GB)
I love Bariboost Bariatric multivitamin

I like that this bariatric multivitamin did not leave any after taste like most multivitamin I tried in the past.

It contains all the vitamins and minerals I need after having the gastric bypass. I just take a separate calcium and that’s it.

I am sticking with Bariboost multivitamin.

Vickie E. (Consett, GB)

These make taking all the required supplements so much easier, and the iron isn’t causing stomach upsets. The capsules are large but easy to swallow. I’m so happy with the product and will definitely be keeping my subscription.

lianne watt

I’m nearly 10 years post op and have always had issues with a multivitamin. I’m now over a month into using Bariboost and all I can say is where has this been all my bariatric life!
No repeating of the taste when taking them, much easier to swallow and best of all my energy levels have lifted in a way I can’t explain. Looking forward to my next bloods to see how my levels sit now. I’d recommend these to anyone. If you’re stopped by the cost as they’re slightly more expensive please try them, see if like me you feel a difference. They’re worth every penny in my eyes.


This bariatric multivitamin is just amazing. I can feel the difference in energy levels. It is easy to swallow and almost tasteless. I think I have finally found the multivitamin I have been searching for.


Buying by subscription means I have one less thing to think about.

Postage was quick.

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